Laziness and Time

Been wanting to blog about my experience so far and as a record as well, but I haven’t got the time (motivation actually) to set up my computer. And it’s a hassle (subjective) to type on iPhone for blogs.. or maybe the urge wasn’t to the extent that I would go to the extent of typing long texts on my iPhone. Hah.

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I should be sleeping now, but I just wanna update something and probably continue again tomorrow (even I doubt myself >_<).

So… just to commemorate lazy and demotivated me for finally turning on my computer for the second time since I bought it. First time was to activate the warranty in Singapore just before I fly. I wanted to blog and also do the necessary setups for my laptop and thus the second time I turn on my laptop (first time in Japan).

Okays, time to prepare my salad breakfast for tomorrow and get to sleep! The temperature is so unstable here I’m almost getting sick. Urgh.

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Just want to rant but not the kind of typing long story rant but just post something kinda rant you know?

The Day.

And so… The day has come.
I’m writing this while on the plane and it’s about less than 30mins since takeoff. I’m so tired but can’t seem to fall asleep yet.

I was always expecting myself to be crying like crazy during the departure at the airport. And I have been crying alot because I was so homesick even before this day come. I was looking at everything negative about Japan and positive about Singapore. Yes, I made this decision but I was in denial. I want daddy and mummy!

Reality is… I didn’t really have alot of time to cry because of some hiccups during check in. And I am bracing myself for more questioning and being treated like an illegal immigrant playing with the rules at the destination. So that I can feel happier if they treat me better lah. Because I know that I confirm will kena question… just that I didn’t expect the questioning will start from departure. Hah.

Anyways, I will share the history and my own experience in another post. Whenever I was looking for “how to work in Japan” or stuffs like this, I will get to some blogs or forums, and I actually enjoy reading about other foreigners’ experiences on how they got to Japan especially Singaporeans.

So if any other person were searching for the same topic and happens to arrive here, guess I’ll be able to share some experiences too as there were still so many things I didn’t knew. Booo~

Random Thoughts

What’s on my mind recently. 

Sometimes, I seem to have amnesia. Maybe it’s a psychological thing, but it seems to have gotten worse after treatment of depression. Or maybe it’s just age catching up. Hah. (Actually, I know the answer. Whatever :p) 


I’m still in a dilemma.

The heart and the mind are like fighting each other. 

The main reason is being homesick and I’m sick of bf. Maybe I just take things for granted too much. But I really can’t control my emotions! 

When I was in Japan last week, what I felt was like, damn, Singapore is the best country ever and I don’t want to live in Japan. I miss home so much!! Now that I’m back in Singapore, I’m in a dilemma. Because I don’t wanna have regrets in life. But its difficult to put everything down as well. I thought I could be very 潇洒 but really, reality hits. 



So. Am kinda suay today. Decided to took Uberpool but still late anyway (due to accidentssssss). So the lady who took it with me, had super strong perfume on. Like seriously?!? I don’t understand bimbos. I never will. Not that she is pretty. But they usually have that i-am-oh-so-pretty kinda attitude/behaviour. 

My eyes are still feeling dry from the torturous strong perfume ride. Whats more, I had to go through super traffic jam which makes the ride almost an hour. Really, the stinky smell when we passed by factory areas were so much better than her perfume. At least you’d just go like “wah lau so smellyyy” and that stench doesn’t attack your nose, eyes and throat. This was exactly how I felt during that 50min ride.

Perfume? It attacks whatever organs you have on your face. It’s a silent killer. It’s as good as terrorists using chemicals to kill people. Overdose of perfumes should be banned! Especially indoors where there are aircons. Perfumes are as annoying as cigarettes. So they should be banned in the same way although I think it’s not enough for cigarettes. 

What if you are smelly? Freaking go take a shower or use a deoderant for goodness sake!