Dinner Woes

So, ever since I’ve started working, I haven’t cooked at all.

Because it’s late and tiring and I figured it’s cheaper to buy or just eat out because even if I cooked for one day the leftover ingredients will eventually go to the rubbish bin.

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And so, I’m going to talk about the dining out trend in Tokyo on weekdays.

There are many kinds of places you can go to for dinner.

1. Restaurants or Izayaka

Usually expensive and people who go there are either: friends, couples, colleagues, bosses. More often than not, people will drink alcohol so you won’t see families or the underaged. Also, the stigma is it’s weird to go alone. Really.

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2. Small eating places

Examples are Ramen shop, Matsuya, Soba shop, etc. People who usually go there are: salary man, female accompanied with male, foreigners. Commonly, salary man who goes to such places finish their meals in about 10mins (or less). I go there alone too, because it’s cheap and nice. But so far, I have never seen a female eating alone at such places. Even if females do appear, they are either with a male or they are buying take away. I guess I do get stares for going there alone as a female.

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3. Family restaurants

They are cheap and have a big variety of food. I’ve never been there alone or on weekdays, but as the name goes, most of the time families go there. Also, students love it there. Most family restaurants have a drink bar system where you pay a price E.g. 200yen and enjoy unlimited drinks.

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4. Fast food restaurants

These are the big names that the whole world knows, Mcdonalds, KFC, Mos burger,etc. All kinds of people come here. So depending on the branch, it could be super noisy, super crowded, or super slow service especially if you are going to the branch near train stations. Why slow service? Because of communication barriers with the foreigners. Especially McDonalds.

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In addition, people who go there on weekdays afternoon are either: housewives who have nothing better to do, noisy students, people who have nothing better to do, salary man who lost their jobs,  but have no face to let their family know. A S size drink in Mcdonalds cost only 100 or 200 yen. So, these people will just get a small drink and sit there for the whole day.

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5. Cafes

These are expensive and comes in small portions. Super popular with females and finally, males are the minority here. So if you’re wondering where do single females eat, here they are. Alone or bitching with your females friends, nobody will judge you here. Unless you are a male and alone. Just like how female alone is being judged for eating alone at places deemed for salary man.

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Since I don’t eat beef or raw food, I probably have much lesser varitey than everyone who goes super excited at Japanese food. So there comes the question again, what shall I eat for dinner tomorrow?

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Good night world and hope that I can wake up tomorrow. (hoping for the same thing everyday. :p)

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