Dinner Woes

So, ever since I’ve started working, I haven’t cooked at all.

Because it’s late and tiring and I figured it’s cheaper to buy or just eat out because even if I cooked for one day the leftover ingredients will eventually go to the rubbish bin.

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And so, I’m going to talk about the dining out trend in Tokyo on weekdays.

There are many kinds of places you can go to for dinner.

1. Restaurants or Izayaka

Usually expensive and people who go there are either: friends, couples, colleagues, bosses. More often than not, people will drink alcohol so you won’t see families or the underaged. Also, the stigma is it’s weird to go alone. Really.

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2. Small eating places

Examples are Ramen shop, Matsuya, Soba shop, etc. People who usually go there are: salary man, female accompanied with male, foreigners. Commonly, salary man who goes to such places finish their meals in about 10mins (or less). I go there alone too, because it’s cheap and nice. But so far, I have never seen a female eating alone at such places. Even if females do appear, they are either with a male or they are buying take away. I guess I do get stares for going there alone as a female.

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3. Family restaurants

They are cheap and have a big variety of food. I’ve never been there alone or on weekdays, but as the name goes, most of the time families go there. Also, students love it there. Most family restaurants have a drink bar system where you pay a price E.g. 200yen and enjoy unlimited drinks.

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4. Fast food restaurants

These are the big names that the whole world knows, Mcdonalds, KFC, Mos burger,etc. All kinds of people come here. So depending on the branch, it could be super noisy, super crowded, or super slow service especially if you are going to the branch near train stations. Why slow service? Because of communication barriers with the foreigners. Especially McDonalds.

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In addition, people who go there on weekdays afternoon are either: housewives who have nothing better to do, noisy students, people who have nothing better to do, salary man who lost their jobs,  but have no face to let their family know. A S size drink in Mcdonalds cost only 100 or 200 yen. So, these people will just get a small drink and sit there for the whole day.

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5. Cafes

These are expensive and comes in small portions. Super popular with females and finally, males are the minority here. So if you’re wondering where do single females eat, here they are. Alone or bitching with your females friends, nobody will judge you here. Unless you are a male and alone. Just like how female alone is being judged for eating alone at places deemed for salary man.

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Since I don’t eat beef or raw food, I probably have much lesser varitey than everyone who goes super excited at Japanese food. So there comes the question again, what shall I eat for dinner tomorrow?

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Good night world and hope that I can wake up tomorrow. (hoping for the same thing everyday. :p)

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Lazy as usual.

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Many milestones. Went back home for 2.5 weeks and back here for a week.

Initially wanted to blog about life in Japan but everytime something else happens (excuses).

Anyway, this time I entered Japan with a visa so it really feels like I’m beginning a new life. And as the title goes I won’t go into details because it’s 1:30am and I probably will oversleep tomorrow (like for the n-th time).

So the rant today is…

I don’t know if it is because of period (sucks being a girl), or if it is because of the extreme weather change (almost 30 degrees difference), I’ve been feeling bloated and constipated for the past few days. And it sucks. Here’s how I feel (they take turns).

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And totally this.

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OK, this is quite funny. Good night.

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My first 一人暮らし

I always thought I could survive alone. Well, not that I can’t, but I never realized it could be so terrifying. You know, when you unknowingly get used to depending on other people, the realization only came when you are left alone. The bf went to an emergency business trip to Europe yesterday (wah lau, so far away T_T). So, here is my realization.

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Reality is starting to hit and especially tomorrow. I wasn’t really feeling very lonely yesterday as we went out together to the station in the morning as usual, and I met a friend for lunch and dinner. By the time I reach home, I was so tired from period that I just kept felling asleep. Today is public holiday, and we manage to chat for a while in the morning and afternoon (night and morning in Europe). After which, I finally prepare myself and happily went out with the bicycle to the station area. I was telling myself that I could do this with the practise that I had with bf (parking the bicycle downstairs).

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And so, I reached KFC and wondered where I should park my bicycle… and I realized some bicycles parked came with a red label which looks like some form of fine ticket (should have anticipated right!). So I thought that was some territory which people are not allowed to park their bicycle… but anyway I just parked my at the main entrance and keep turning my eyes on it. Luckily, the service was fast and I got my stuffs in like 5mins or something. Somewhere along, I saw one guy who came back to retrieved his bicycle and took out the red label, crushing it. At this point, I was wondering if the “fine ticket” is like for show one because he literally crush it even without reading it.

Anyway, I went back to the other side of the streets of shops and went to the drug store and Daiso. When I came out from Daiso, DANG! The whole row of bicycles were sticked with THAT red label. Including mine! Whhaaaaat??? I’m immediately went into a panic mode and I really didn’t know what to do. Except in my heart cursing that 2 lao uncles for sticking the red label. (Apparently, I kena like 1min before I came out of the store since I saw them still sticking other bicycles).

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While wondering wtf I should do, (actually was panicking and trying to see if my bicycle was wheel clamped or what), I saw an aunty coming back to her bicycle and just tearing out the red label and crushing it. (So this is the normal reaction…) Then I realized oh ya I should remove that darn label too before riding off since it’s like so paiseh also. But in my heart I’m like die liao die liao what if I need to pay the freaking 3000yen fine and there’s a deadline? The bicycle doesn’t belong to me (bf’s) so how to make payment?? Bf will only be back in almost 10 days!! This is how I look like for the next one hour.

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So anyway, I almost wanted to give up going to the supermarket even though it is on the way. I went anyway because today is half price day for frozen foods. Yes, with that face and was googling for bicycle fines in Japan while in the super market but I couldn’t find that red label online.

When I reached home, I have a problem parking the bicycle. I thought that everyone parks on the same spot everyday so I should park back to my same spot.. But it was too squeezy! So I ended up parking it in the middle row since there was space. I hope the neighbours won’t curse me lah for taking their “space” (if any in the first place). Paranoid me even went downstairs again to double confirm that the bicycle was really parked as I was worried that the bicycle will topple and make other bicycles domino.

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While I composed myself a little and started reading the red label.. it’s actually a warning ticket. There’s no serial number on it, but I’m guessing they recorded the bicycle number. At this moment, I just text bf and he happened to be able to connect to some Wifi and called me. So I burst out in tears because I was feeling so lonely. T_T Anyway, he said that it happens frequently and they don’t record it… so there is nothing to worry about. Anyway, the contents are different but it looks something like this:

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In my case, the word 3000yen is super big which is what scared me. It’s actually a warning ticket to tell you that if you don’t move your bicycle away within the day, they will confiscate it and you will have to pay 3000yen to release your bicycle.

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Welcome to Japan.


So. Am kinda suay today. Decided to took Uberpool but still late anyway (due to accidentssssss). So the lady who took it with me, had super strong perfume on. Like seriously?!? I don’t understand bimbos. I never will. Not that she is pretty. But they usually have that i-am-oh-so-pretty kinda attitude/behaviour. 

My eyes are still feeling dry from the torturous strong perfume ride. Whats more, I had to go through super traffic jam which makes the ride almost an hour. Really, the stinky smell when we passed by factory areas were so much better than her perfume. At least you’d just go like “wah lau so smellyyy” and that stench doesn’t attack your nose, eyes and throat. This was exactly how I felt during that 50min ride.

Perfume? It attacks whatever organs you have on your face. It’s a silent killer. It’s as good as terrorists using chemicals to kill people. Overdose of perfumes should be banned! Especially indoors where there are aircons. Perfumes are as annoying as cigarettes. So they should be banned in the same way although I think it’s not enough for cigarettes. 

What if you are smelly? Freaking go take a shower or use a deoderant for goodness sake!