Youngsters nowadays

Well, I guess it’s the same all over the world.

Somehow, I’m not really THAT old, but I gotta shake my head. Is it because I started work earlier than most people?

First of all, I had this realization. Realization that youngsters nowadays are unrealistic. Not that I didn’t realize it earlier, I just thought that it applies to Singaporeans.

Image result for unrealistic

Realizing that few of my classmates are still studying instead of getting a job, I had this thought recently. I remember giving them suggestions and all, and they are like but my interest is in this, in that, I’ll think about it first. Then they get emo that they cannot find a job.

Image result for roll eyes annoyed

Oh well, they are rich so they can afford to “chase their dreams”. Many might disagree but sorry, reality is that dream chasing is for the rich. Rich kids don’t have to understand desperation. But one day they will learn, and I hope it’s not too late for them. I’m not saying that poor people cannot dream, we just have more realistic dreams and work slowly towards it. Everything will fall into place somehow.

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