Laziness and Time

Been wanting to blog about my experience so far and as a record as well, but I haven’t got the time (motivation actually) to set up my computer. And it’s a hassle (subjective) to type on iPhone for blogs.. or maybe the urge wasn’t to the extent that I would go to the extent of typing long texts on my iPhone. Hah.

Image result for no motivation

I should be sleeping now, but I just wanna update something and probably continue again tomorrow (even I doubt myself >_<).

So… just to commemorate lazy and demotivated me for finally turning on my computer for the second time since I bought it. First time was to activate the warranty in Singapore just before I fly. I wanted to blog and also do the necessary setups for my laptop and thus the second time I turn on my laptop (first time in Japan).

Okays, time to prepare my salad breakfast for tomorrow and get to sleep! The temperature is so unstable here I’m almost getting sick. Urgh.

Image result for argh



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