So. Am kinda suay today. Decided to took Uberpool but still late anyway (due to accidentssssss). So the lady who took it with me, had super strong perfume on. Like seriously?!? I don’t understand bimbos. I never will. Not that she is pretty. But they usually have that i-am-oh-so-pretty kinda attitude/behaviour. 

My eyes are still feeling dry from the torturous strong perfume ride. Whats more, I had to go through super traffic jam which makes the ride almost an hour. Really, the stinky smell when we passed by factory areas were so much better than her perfume. At least you’d just go like “wah lau so smellyyy” and that stench doesn’t attack your nose, eyes and throat. This was exactly how I felt during that 50min ride.

Perfume? It attacks whatever organs you have on your face. It’s a silent killer. It’s as good as terrorists using chemicals to kill people. Overdose of perfumes should be banned! Especially indoors where there are aircons. Perfumes are as annoying as cigarettes. So they should be banned in the same way although I think it’s not enough for cigarettes. 

What if you are smelly? Freaking go take a shower or use a deoderant for goodness sake! 


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